Little being

She was little, cute, pretty and beautiful. It was her smile that has the capability of make you sense the beauty of her. I always wonder what is behind that smile that makes me feel her beauty. Unlike other smiles it was the innocence in her smile that makes it beautiful.

The person who I am describing is just me. Have you ever felt this feeling of sensing your own beauty?

If you still couldn’t understand what I am talking about, don’t worry. Just take your old album or gallery and find your own childhood picture. Look at the picture. Irrespective of the emotions that you are showing you could able to sense beauty in that picture of yours. It is not some random dress or photographical edit that makes the picture beautiful rather it is the innocence of that little being that makes you sense the beauty.

Beauty is just a feeling that we sense either from others or from within us. As time passes, we grow and as a part of this development we learn lot of information. The more we learn the more we loose our innocence. The things that we learn as we grow mold our beliefs and thoughts sometimes they make us feel better with our own self but sometimes they also make us feel bad about ourselves. Only when we encounter such bad feelings we feel disturbed and during those period life looks so hard. It is not easy to overcome such thoughts about our own self but it is neither impossible. So whenever you feel bad about your looks or you end up judging others by their look as bad, just take a small breath and remind yourself to look at that little being behind that human. This single way of thinking could solve many issues. I knew these kinds of thoughts over changing your views can be hard and possibly you might fail many times but the more you try and remind yourself to think this way, the more you will spread positivity.

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Lisa was in her adulthood. She was puzzled and confused about her career and her future. She couldn’t understand the purpose of the life. She felt lonely. She couldn’t understand why life looked so hard.

One fine day as usual she was lying in her bed and was watching the ceiling. Tears were dropping out of her eyes and she didn’t bother to wipe them. Besides she found her mobile buzzing with some notification from some random app. She never bothered to look at it. She was tired of all the complications that was created by technology. She wanted to get rid of all these but she couldn’t. She felt helpless.

The invisible pressure of her emotions made her to sleep. She slept for a while and suddenly she felt a jerk and woke. She panicked immediately and searched for her mobile to know about the time. Later she realized her mobile is missing. She searched for it all around her room but she couldn’t find it. She opened the door of her room to look for the mobile outside since she couldn’t find it inside her room. When she opened the door she was shocked. She couldn’t believe her own eyes.

Beautiful trees and a little stream of river flowing in between the trees . Besides the ground was covered with grasses of various colors such as brown and green. She tried to realize what was happening to her but she couldn’t understand. She thought this might be a dream so she pinched herself to wake her up but nothing changed.

With puzzled mindset Lisa returned to her room. Sat in her bed and took some deep breath . She felt more relaxed and she decided to go outside. She went inside the forest. Neither she could find any humans nor animals. All around the forest there were only trees and plants.

Lisa was completely puzzled at the same time she also felt relaxed. Her stomach started growling and she found some edible plants which she could eat and had it. She then had a sip of water from the river which tasted too good. After fulfilling her cravings she lied in the grass by bringing the pillow inside her room and she was just wondering how peaceful she felt.

After leading a stressful life of meeting deadlines, the pressure to obey certain unwritten rules of society and the constant pressure to be the best in everything for a decade. Lisa finally felt she got some time for herself. She didn’t bother about the next second and next minute but rather she decided to live in that moment. Contrary to our expectation Lisa didn’t choose to find what happened to her and why is she in the weird place. Rather she took time to relax. She admired the beauty of the environment around her because this kind of environment she earlier viewed only in imagination.

The story of Lisa ends here. Don’t bother yourself in finding the other half of the story or the end cause at times it is better to not know the entire story.

Nowadays everyone of us are struck in a system we move along the clock. Rather than living in the moment we either think about our past or our future. We never own our time. Lisa realized this fact and she was crying helplessly . The lack of energy in her body even to wipe her own tears is the symbolism of lives of many people who feel helpless. But unlike this story no magic could happen in our real life. Only we got the power to live the life that we wanted so create this motto in your life. The ultimate aim of your life should be to create your own environment where you could live at peace.

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In Search of Something

When I was a small kid I never worried about future, All I cared was about the next few hours in my life or about some little activities such as watching my favorite show. So in order to watch that I would complete my school works fast and would immediately focus on the show with full happiness.

As time moves I feel a drastic change in my nature. No Longer that favorite show interested me. Now all I long for is validation towards something or other. I feel I am unstable. I am in constant search of something. This search has become an never ending process. I look validation from others, I look out to impress people around me all the time in such process I am losing myself. Now my life looks messy. I keep shifting focus. I become inconsistent in every activity that I do. I developed the habit of believing that for all my problems people around me are reason.

Just few days back I realized the real reason for all my trouble is me! I chose to think this way. in process of growing I became as a person who is undisciplined and clumsy.

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If you are someone just like me, finding life hard and overthinking all the time I would like to give you a solution to all your issues. Take responsibility for all that happens to you because everything lies in your head- the way you think about it. Self control and self discipline is your tools to achieve stability in your life. It is hard to implement this in life, even I would constantly fail in developing these but never give up.

Be you and stay happy.

Becoming strong

Life is just a piece of paper, it depends on the person whether to make it look colorful or just leave it as a simple white sheet.

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When I was a kid I am a person with weird imagination who used to make lot of stories and make my stationaries the cast for my plot . They enact the roles and they obey my words . Life was so smooth and easy . I had a bunch of similar stories which repeated and my little stationaries nailing each and every role.

Days passed and my perspective towards life did change. Each and every day I got inspired from someone around me and wanted a life like them. I wanted a change in me , A change that would forever change the Real me. But back then I didn’t realize that . I kept constantly searching for some perfection in me and losing my mind. Now I long for someone to appreciate me, hear my stories. I could able to sense some restlessness in my life. I believe this search for perfect lifestyle is the main reason for many teenagers and adult to lose their positivity and individuality. So I thought of figuring out some solutions to solve this restless behavior.

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Writing is a magic. I believe Writing down all my stories, my imagination and my emotions in some random site would be a better solution. This might help me and also the people around me who are restless just like me.

We are living in a world which is moving fast towards some never ending destination . Hardly few people are ready to listen to others. I want someone to listen to me but that someone was always missing. I don’t get a complete satisfaction in my life , just because of this search for that someone. One fine day this thought did strike me and I wondered , why can’t I be that someone?

Writing down your emotions will allow you to think and listen to your own thoughts. Never worry about not being perfect or about the judgement of other people towards you. Pen down all your feelings in a way just like how you share it with others and read it after few days. Trust me , I believe this will make you strong .

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This practice would eventually allow you to make rational decisions and Hopefully One fine day you will become that person who you wanted to be.